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Dear Administrator:

On Friday November 16th, I was discharged from Momentum after three and half months of rehab and care I want to share with you the outstanding experience I had during the time I was a patient. To begin with needless to say I was extremely filled with anxiety upon admission and the staff, recognizing my feelings, were so comforting in alleviating my concerns. Once I settled in I was given outstanding care and want to commend you and your staff for making my stay at Momentum, a positive and successful experience.

As an administrator of Momentum Health Care Facility, I would like commend you on having a very outstanding, highly qualified, very caring staff and facility.  There are some staff members that I would like to thank and show appreciation for their outstanding professionalism, knowledge, compassionate care and emotional support I received throughout my stay.

I cannot thank enough, the care I received from your Physical Therapy Department   under the Director, Joe.    I was assigned the following:

Richard Gabriel “Rick”, Physical Therapist he was the most patient, caring extremely professional Therapist I have ever encountered.   He always reassured me that I would be able to ambulate on my own, which was extremely encouraging and improved my mental outlook. Rick, I thank for all he did for me.

Jennifer Obijuru, was assigned to work with me.  She is also an outstanding Therapist who is patient, kind extremely knowledgeable and helped me in strengthening upper body skills. She was an absolute delight and encouraging throughout the time I spent with her.

Physical Therapy Department: I want to recognize their kindness, care and extreme professional manner in treating their patients.  They are also an outstanding group of highly qualified professionals that I had the pleasure of observing throughout my treatment.                  

I cannot end this letter, without discussing the rest of the staff and how caring, comforting, and extremely well trained group of health care providers you have employed at Momentum at South Bay Health Care Facility.  During my three and half months stay, I can honestly say that I never met a staff, who were so dedicated to the patients under their care.  Both the professional and nonprofessional staff were always courteous, and willing to help at any time.

I would like to mention their names, because I personally feel grateful to each and every one of them in the excellent care I received.

The Nursing staff was outstanding in addressing the care I required:

I wish to recognize the following:
Michelle Abruzzo, RN

Nicole Piotrowski, RN

Geri RN Wound Care Nurse

Megan Desetto RN

Nurses 7AM to 3PM, 3PM11PM, 11PM-7AM   Thank You

Certified Nursing Assistants: Whenever I thanked them, they would often say, “It’s our job and our patients could be a relative in this situation and we would want them to be cared for in the same manner.”

Maria Louisant, Mikerlange Cerisier CNA’S

Marleena Riddai, Jeffrey Bryant, JeanBapiste Pebuy,

Rosie Charles, Arlande Pierre, Yolanda Rascoe, Nicole??

CNA’s  11PM-7AM   Who started my day with a smile and morning greeting!!!!

A person who deserves recognition is Physician Assistant Rheem. She was so reassuring, extremely competent and had the most pleasant manner. I looked forward to her visits and words of encouragement.  She is very thorough, great Physician Assistant and an asset to your staff I wish to thank her for all the words of encouragement and most of all the care I was fortunate to receive from her.

Another group of individuals that deserve recognition and mention for the services they deliver are the group called Concierge. These ladies were so helpful, pleasant and such a nice addition to the staffing at Momentum, that I was so impressed by their presence in a facility. I want to express my sincere thank you to them for the work they do. Their smiling faces and mannerism gave the facility a special touch. I thank them for the many times they assisted me throughout my stay.  A great job of keeping up the morale of the residents along with the Concierge ladies I wish to thank the Recreation Department Staff for their work as well.

Finally, I want to express a sincere thank you to Carmen, and Jacqueline for their assistance in my admission and discharge responsibilities.

I am progressing well as a result of all the care I received.  I would highly recommend Momentum at South Bay to anyone in need of this level of care.

Thank You and Happy Holidays to All.

Very Truly Yours,

Patricia Lunetta